Revit As The Ultimate Design Communication Tool

When collaboration is presented visually, it creates efficiency.

The core benefit of Revit as a visual tool is to help shape spaces and to guide design decisions at every stage of a project.

It helps connect people with spaces. With Revit software, architecture, design, and draft are fast, highly accurate and efficient.

Olga Pietruszka, Head of Technical Design and RI’s own BIM Champion, stated the ultimate benefit. “We don’t use Revit as a stand-alone package to sell to a prospective customer. Revit sells how we work. Efficiency is critical in everything we do. What was once time-consuming by checking and changing multiple drawings many times, now are all housed within one model. The whole aim is to make the complex, become simple.”

“The future has to be about providing a skilled resource that connects people with a space.”

Revit plays a defined role in Resolution Interiors as it supports a flow of communication. Everything which is designed, signed off and implemented is captured within Revit. It just makes sense; it is an ongoing narrative of that space, past, present and future.

Educating others to work efficiently where design, construction and project management operate within one space and across a property estate, has to be where the future lies for all round retail interior accuracy.

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