Store Spot, Pop Up, Munich

By 30th October 2015April 13th, 2021Retail
Urban Outfitters Pop Up Store Exterior

Urban Outfitters, Store Spot Pop Up Store, Neuhauser Str, Munich, Germany

Urban Outfitters Pop Up Store Exterior

Whilst walking along Munich’s main shopping street I stumbled upon, this store spot pop up, an Urban Outfitters store. The store has taken up residence for one year inside the Alt Akademie, a historic building dating back to the 16th century. The store itself is 3200 square feet, taking up the footprint of an old server room. You enter through the main entrance of the building being filtered through smaller doors and corridors into the store space, and this is where the brand experience begins.

Pop Up Store Changing Rooms
Pop Up Fashion Store Fixings

I found the idea of housing the store within a historical building exciting, and surprising. It represents a real contrast between the elegant, ornate style of the Renaissance architecture and the urban, industrial cues of this bold and quirky store. Commitment to this raw paired back styling and brand expression is evident in every facet of the design. It is filled with creative and novel ideas such as, using luggage straps to appear as if they are holding merchandising displays together, and using small filing cabinets for product display.

Pop Up Fashion Store Interior
Pop Up Store Interior Peg Board

The shop floor feels very contemporary with the use of scaffolding and a peg board wall system, which in its simplicity highlights distinctive brand graphics and quirky ideas.