The Kickstart Experience

Here at Resolution Interiors, we are a proud SME and love to support local businesses and people wherever we can. As part of this effort, we signed up to the Kickstart Scheme, which aims to help 16-24 year olds into employment. This scheme came about as a result of the global pandemic, whereby recent graduates and young people were finding it increasingly difficult to find work, especially work relevant to their training or experience. We offered two Kickstart placements; Ellie started as the Digital Marketing Coordinator in April 2021 and Emily as the Creative Design Assistant started in July 2021. In a strange coincidence, they both recently graduated from Falmouth University, and today wanted to share some of their experiences here, and how this opportunity has helped to kick start (pardon the pun) their career!

Ellie’s Experience

Having studied Fashion Marketing, Ellie realised that the fashion industry was not something she wanted to pursue, due to its often unethical and unsustainable tendencies. This led her to look at creative marketing jobs in other fields – she’s been at Resolution Interiors for almost a year now and knows more about the construction industry than she ever thought! Throughout her time here, Ellie has enjoyed being a part of multiple tender opportunities, taking charge of the social media channels, and having creative input with our sister brand Field, a creative design agency.

“I am continuing to learn so much from Resolution Interiors and am so grateful to Pippa Saunders (the Marketing Manager) for allowing me to have a such an amazing, well rounded, and exciting first year of work in the ‘real world’. I have learnt skills that I will no doubt carry throughout my career and have met some amazing people along the way. I look forward to all the opportunities to come, both here at Resolution Interiors and beyond.”

Emily’s Experience

Emily studied Interior Design at Falmouth University, and during a live project, in conjunction with Field, she got to know Emma East (the Creative Design Manager). Emma set a brief to design a concept for a ‘healthy café’ and Emily’s skills and innovative ideas put her on top of her class, against the brief set. When Emma was looking for a creative design assistant, through the Kickstart Scheme, she immediately thought to share this opportunity with Emily – the rest is history, as they say! Throughout her time with us, Emily worked on a variety of commercial projects, and worked closely with Ellie in developing Field’s social media presence. Together, they also created an insights piece about sustainable design innovations.

“Res/Field is a great place to work! What stood out to me most was the community ethos of the company, and how welcoming and accommodating everyone was to me during my time. As well as this, I felt trusted to work on exciting projects, for clients across a variety of sectors. The experience they provided to me has surely broadened my horizons as a young designer!”

Work with us!

We are talking all things people over on our social media this month too, so be sure to check that out. Our team is what keeps us going, what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are so grateful for them and think they deserve a bit of a shout out every now and again…! We are also actively recruiting for several roles, so be sure to check out our ‘join us’ page for more information.

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