The Storage Space Boom Brings The Rise of Retail sheds

To meet growing expectations of consumer demand for convenience, from fashion to food, the need for more retail storage space has resulted in a warehouse construction boom. Whilst our retail clients look to create stronger fulfilment with a more flexible, fast and fluent service for their own customers, Resolution Interiors look do the same. Recognising that the property needs of the retail industry are fast evolving out of town and in-town, where clients are taking stock of store estates and closely managing out under performing locations with a rise in exit programmes. We are building additional warehouses to increase our in-house storage and provide a more accessible and flexible resource to better facilitate these changes to the industry landscape. We will be able to store more materials, fixtures, fittings and furniture for our clients to accommodate far shorter notification and lead times.


As we expand our own Project Management and Commercial Teams, within our current head office location, it will also enable us to enlarge our car park and install EV charging points, whilst continuing to encourage the cycle to work scheme. The development is also intended to support the local economy, providing a place for other local businesses to flourish. Working closely with local ecologists we want to ensure that construction works are sympathetic to the immediate environment, and safeguard any local wildlife such as hibernating reptiles. Whilst adhering to conservation regulations we are also replanting any felled trees, in addition and as part of our landscaping plan further trees will be planted.

Being part of a wider community means a lot to us.