Why Should You Care About Sustainable Workplace Design

Let’s be honest, we all know we should care about sustainability in 2023. We are all aware of the global efforts businesses, brands and people are making to reach net zero carbon emissions, following recent UN Reports.

But, why should you care about sustainable workplace design? Specifically, for those of you overseeing commercial projects, such as office fit outs and refurbs, why should you care about sustainable workplace design?

Well, according to reports by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), the built environment is responsible for 25% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. Add to that, the growing push for sustainable construction processes, such as refurbishment over new builds, and it’s clear to see that we all have our part to play.

Aside from these global responsibilities however, there are a number of more tangible reasons for considering sustainable workplace design. From saving capital to attracting a better quality workforce, being more environmentally aware can bring your business benefits, as well as the environment.


Reduce Your Costs With Sustainable Workplace Design

Considering sustainable design during your refurbishment or fit out project can help you reduce long term costs in the workplace. Firstly, consider the materials used in the fit out itself – reclaimed and recycled materials can often work out cheaper than those that are brand new.

Upcycling furniture or choosing furniture that can be easily adapted or repurposed in the future saves your business from having to spend money on brand new items when the time comes.

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Considering Your Facilities

Beyond materials, during the planning stages of your workplace design, it might be worth considering the systems and facilities in place, such as those used to heat and ventilate your space.

Air sourced heat pumps, for example, provide businesses with an alternative to standard radiation which is both efficient for your business and sustainable for the wider environment. Small changes such as these, could result in huge savings for your business in the long term.

Unfortunately, there are occasions where businesses specify sustainable alternatives in an effort to appear sustainable, without doing their due diligence and research. For your business to achieve more sustainable metrics, you should consider the whole building – air sourced heat pumps, for example, will have negligible effect on your building’s energy saving, if it is not sustainably structured in other ways.

During your design and fit out, consider systems such as smart lighting, which detects movement and turns off automatically to reduce energy usage, or smart heating which adapts to your workforce’s needs.

Improve Employee Wellbeing & Recruitment With Sustainable Workplace Design

A sustainable business’s benefits actually reach a lot further that you may think. Workers in 2023, more than ever, are looking to work for businesses and brands that match their personal values. An IBM survey reported that 68% of workers are more willing to accept a role from companies that are demonstrating sustainable practices.

For existing employees, considering sustainable workplace design can have substantial benefits on their wellbeing at work. Exposure to natural light improves sleep and reduces headaches by up to 84% while natural building materials are absent from chemicals that can cause respiratory irritation.

Sustainable workplace design can promote staff wellbeing

Sustainable workplace design can promote staff wellbeing.

Elevate Your Brand With Sustainable Workplace Design

Your brand and image is more than your logo, colours and slogan. The decision making behind your business has the power to elevate or cripple your brand identity, filtering down from the top decision makers, down to your workers, all the way to the consumer.

As people become more aware of the social responsibility we each have as individuals and collectively as communities and businesses, mindsets towards processes and systems are changing.

Good messaging is no longer enough, and workers and investors are encouraging businesses to demonstrate their sustainable initiatives through actions rather than words.

With research showing that consumers are 81% more likely to buy from brands who are environmentally responsible.


Meeting Sustainability Initiatives Through Sustainable Workplace Design

Businesses are under growing pressure from investors and consumers to adopt more sustainable practices. Investors are now looking to invest in businesses that are serious about meeting their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, with many making it part of their eligibility criteria for investment.

To stand out from competitors, make sustainable design a key consideration for your business. Ask yourself, does your business need to invest in a new-build? How can your business renovate or refurbish existing spaces to minimise wastage and lower emission output?

Or maybe you’re moving into a new space, because you’re current space doesn’t support your needs, perhaps contracting your office footprint, if this is the case there’s an opportunity to assess new spaces for their sustainability performance or opportunity? This is where workspace specialists can help advise, at an early stage

Choosing to rework existing spaces and incorporating sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled materials or repurposed furniture not only helps save your business money, but can help secure investment based on your conscientious business decisions.

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Achieving Sustainable Workplace Design By Partnering With The Right Team

The path to true sustainability is a long one and whilst there are no shortcuts, there are ways your business can ensure you remain on the right track.

During your workplace design and fit out journey, it’s important that sustainable design is taken into consideration. Not only for the environment, but for the betterment of your business, your capital and your workforce.

To be truly socially responsible, it’s important you partner with teams that can guide the design and fit out process, through open and honest conversations about the impacts of any potential construction work.

Whilst few businesses seek out to greenwash, many can fall into common pitfalls by not conducting enough research into the environmental impacts of their design choices, or not seeking outside opinions.

At Resolution Interiors, we specialise in bringing your vision to life through interior fit-outs and refurbishments of new and existing sites, as well as relocations. We work with you to create a bespoke environment that engages customers, employees and shareholders alike.

Working closely alongside you during every stage of the project, we can offer insights into the environmental impacts of potential design choices, using granular data to seek out the best approach.

If you have an office building or workspace project which requires expert design and build skills, reach out to one of our team today. We’re always on hand to help and offer any advice!

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