Sustainable spaces | Commercial benefits

To appropriately set the scene, within this piece we are talking about environmental sustainability.

Sustainable workplace design is the process of using eco-friendly materials and practices to design a workspace. Ultimately, sustainable offices and workplaces will help to reduce the effects of pollution and waste on the environment.

But why should you care about sustainable workplace design from a business perspective?

Sustainable design can reduce your fit-out and running costs, improve your employee wellbeing and elevate your brand identity.

Reduce your costs with sustainable design

There are a number of ways that sustainable design can help you reduce costs in the workplace. The first is down to the materials used in the office itself – reclaimed and recycled materials can be cheaper than those that are brand new. Upcycling furniture or choosing furniture that can be easily adapted or repurposed in the future saves your business from having to spend money on brand new items when the time comes.

The second comes when sustainable energy sources are deployed e.g. increasing the amount of natural light in your workspace will reduce how often lights need to be turned on. And when you do need electricity – why not use solar panels to reduce how much you need to pay for from your energy provider?

Last year we generated 40,000 kWh through the solar panels at the Resolution Interiors office!

The third way sustainable workplace design saves you money comes down to the equipment you specify. By using energy efficient appliances, such as fridges and computer monitors, you’re once again reducing how much electricity you need and ultimately reducing how much you have to pay for.

Improve employee wellbeing with sustainable design

When you opt for sustainable workplace design, your employees can also see many benefits to their physical and mental health. Exposure to natural light improves sleep and reduces headaches by up to 84% while natural building materials are absent from chemicals that can cause respiratory irritation.

Elevate your brand with sustainable design

Research has shown that consumers are 80% more likely to buy from brands who are environmentally responsible – a sustainable office design will show your employees and customers that you have strong ethics when it comes to the environment, rather than just a service or product that you’re trying to sell them.

From an employee recruitment and retention standpoint, having a sustainable workplace design can help you attract the best talent and save money on salaries – with 40% of millennials saying they’ve chosen one job over another based on their sustainability values, 30% saying they’ve left jobs because of a lack of company regard for sustainability and 75% saying they’d be willing to take a pay cut if working for a company focused on sustainability. (Source)

So why should you care about creating sustainable eco-friendly workplaces?
Because you’ll:
• Save money
• Attract high performing employees who feel great and stick around
• Position your brand

Thinking about ways to create a more environmentally sustainable office design for your business? Get in touch with Resolution Interiors.