Why use SMEs for public sector frameworks?

The UK government has made a pledge that by 2022 one third of central government spend will go to small and medium-sized firms directly or through the supply chain.  

But what are the actual benefits of working with SMEs like Resolution Interiors when it comes to your public frameworks? 

Drive Innovation

SMEs need to stay up to date with the latest trends, technology and issues in order to grow – something that is reflected in the way they work. At Resolution Interiors we’re constantly developing new delivery methods and exploring exciting new ways for spaces to serve their purpose. Whereas larger companies often have specific structures and practices they stick to for every project, SMEs are able to implement smarter solutions and innovative ways of delivering your project that could even lead to innovation in your public service delivery.

Increase Sustainability

SMEs have significantly lower management costs than larger corporations leaving more budget available for the materials required for the project itself. In addition, SMEs are often looking for the most cost-effective solutions with the best lifetime value for their own operations meaning that we have first-hand experience with any equipment or solution we recommend.

Promote Social Values

Smaller businesses are able to connect on a more personal level with the local community and understand exactly what social issues they are facing. By participating in local events, engaging with local causes or sponsoring a local charity, we build relationships with the community around us. We can use this knowledge to improve the local economy when working with public frameworks by delivering projects that meet the real needs of the local community.

Supporting employment & the economy

While we do have a number of in-house specialists, the nature of SMEs means that we often need to collaborate with other small businesses as part of our supply chain – further benefiting the economy and supporting governments objectives to award work to SMEs.

Small firms are also responsible for the majority of the apprenticeship opportunities in the construction industry which helps to train and employ the next generation’s workforce. By choosing an SME for your public framework, you can help to improve employment opportunities for the local community.

Improve Compliance

Compliance is arguably one of the most important areas of concern for public frameworks. Choosing a smaller firm like Resolution can actually help you here too. SMEs have fewer members of staff which lead to fewer moving pieces in the decision making process and access to more senior members of the company which contribute to much higher levels of accountability and tracking.

Supporting SMEs is not only a great way to ensure you comply with The Public Service (Social Value) Act but it’s also a way to achieve measurable improvements in terms of cost efficiency for your budget, social wellbeing for the community and innovative solutions that will benefit your public space in the future.