The Benefits Of Turnkey Office Design & Build

What Is A Turnkey Solution?

Turnkey solutions refer to processes or services that run through the entirety of a projects timeline, and in construction they usually involve everything from the early planning and design stages to the fit-out and realisation.

Clients often gain benefit by engaging a single contractor who supports and manages the entire project through to the completion of their office space overseeing, commissioning and inspecting all construction work.

Some design and fit out specialists offer additional support from the early stages of a project, much like we did recently for one of our clients. Advising and assisting the client from the very outset, we helped them select the perfect location through space planning their prospective sites as part of the service. This allowed them to make a far more confident choice on the right property for their operation.

Ultimately, a turnkey approach refers to a single process or service that incorporates both the design and delivery teams. This collaborative approach helps the contractor start the process by really getting under the skin of what the customer’s needs are, aligning their expectations with practicalities like timelines and costs.

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What Are The Benefits Of Turnkey Office Design & Build Projects?

Turnkey services such as a complete design and fit out are perfect for those businesses that have clear objectives for what their new space needs to deliver, but don’t want to be hindered by the complexities or time consumption of project management.

A conception to completion commission allows a business to continue with their day-to-day whilst their project’s account is managed through an end-to-end service provider, whose objective is to make their vision a reality.

These days, office fit outs can include anything from renovating a single office to relocating your business across a whole suite of properties. For those bigger projects, the potential upheaval a fit out can cause to occupied buildings is difficult to manage – especially when juggled alongside a day job.

Turnkey office design and fit out providers are particularly great at removing the most stressful parts of a project, allowing you to focus on what is important. Some key benefits to turnkey office projects include:


Improving Communication Through Turnkey Office Design & Build

Office renovations or refurbishments usually involve working within a live environment, bringing with it the added complexities of ensuring daily operations can continue. In these situations, clear communication at all stages of the project is hugely important. This should be led by your allocated contractor, Project Manager, and executed on site through Site Manager liaisons with the team on site.

During projects where upheaval is always a concern, considerate scheduling of works and open lines of communication can be the difference between a workforce that is behind your project and one that is resistant.

Working with a turnkey specialist helps to mitigate these issues, as they are trained to provide temporary re-routes to obstructed facilities, communicating in advance when services may drop, and planning noisy works or service outages for out of hours working where possible.

Through your design and build specialist it might also be possible to continually update your workforce on the progress of your project. This could be done verbally or even through the use of video, where the site is walked through mid-development.

We recently did something similar for our client, Leek Building Society. During this project our PM sent out weekly walkthrough videos to show how their new workspace was coming along, showing off the new facilities. This resulted in a team that couldn’t wait to work in their new place, which already felt like home – helping with their assimilation to the new space.


Identifying Issues Early Through Turnkey Office Design & Build

Partnering with a turnkey design and fit out specialist early in the planning process can have invaluable benefits on your project.

By bringing your chosen design and fit out partner in at the beginning stages of the project, fundamental issues can be identified before planning is truly underway. During an early site visit, specialists can identify structural or integral issues that must be addressed at the CAT A stage of the project.

This not only helps remove friction during the CAT B planning and design stages, but also ensures that budgets are allocated correctly and timelines are achievable.

Alternatively, for projects where time is a precious commodity and strict timelines must be met, your turnkey design and fit out specialists can identify areas of your design that are unrealistic and offer alternative materials, products or designs that will help keep the project on track.

With all these early practical considerations in place, the following design proposals will be far more accurate and realistic. By removing the potential hand-off between one design party, and another fit out team, any resulting substitutions and changes to the design are circumvented.

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How Turnkey Office Projects Help You Stay In Control

One of the most common concerns we hear about turnkey design services is that the provider will take away all control of the project.

Don’t worry – this won’t happen.

No matter who you choose to partner with, your project remains your project.

Design and fit out specialists like Resolution Interiors work with you hand-in-hand every step of the way to ensure that your site objectives and expectations are met, offering advice and support on how best to achieve this.

Through a truly end-to-end service, the lead designer will continue to be involved even during the build stage to ensure that all detailing, and finishes are aligned with the initial design scheme.

Furthermore this conception to completion process also ensures the appropriate aftercare is provided during the settling-in period, including comprehensive system training on all new facilities and comprehensive walkthroughs of the site.

At Resolution Interiors, we specialise in bringing your vision to life through interior fit-outs and refurbishments of new and existing sites, as well as relocations. We work with you to create a bespoke environment that impresses customers, employees and shareholders alike.

If you have an office building or workspace project which requires expert design and build skills, reach out to one of our team today. We’re always on hand to help and offer any advice!

Alternatively, why not give us a ring on +44 (0)1935 422 700. We look forward to hearing from you.


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