McColl's Head Office
Commercial & Financial


Client: McColl's Brentwood Head Office

Duration: Design, planning, pre-construction, joinery & installation, 6 months

The Brief

McColl’s were looking for a new Head Office space that would reflect a modern combination of collaborative and solo working areas – where individuals could build a successful and rewarding career. They asked us to create a 2000 square meter space featuring a theatrical atrium suitable for hosting events and welcoming daily visitors with the McColl’s brand story.

The Project

Following consultation with members of each team, we worked with our sister design studio, Field, with Resolution delivering the technical design and build stage. The result included a training academy dedicated to developing careers and future leaders, and a ‘mock shop’ to prototype new customer propositions. The safely partitioned but collaborative working space embraced the new normal while planning for the future.


Key team members

We started by ensuring we consulted all the key user groups of this new commercial space, including top level management and administrative teams. Our team needed to cater for all of the McColl's team.

Division Manager Leisure & Hospitality

Alicia Sanders

Division Manager - Leisure & Hospitality

Creative Design Manager Field

Emma East

Creative Design Manager at Field

Operations Manager Resolution Interiors

Louis Durnell

Operations Manager

Project Coordinator Resolution Interiors

Joni Owen

Project Coordinator

Data Entry Clerk

Zena Chatfield

Data Entry Clerk