Creating a modern workspace through blending residential and office spaces

Modern workspaces have been greatly influenced by the effect the pandemic has had on working life. With working from home being one of the most prominent of these changes, businesses need to consider how to integrate residential factors into their office spaces. Working from home offers many values to employees and it is important to consider what these are, as well as what the residential environment lacks, to create the ideal modern office space.

Key elements of a residential space

Flexible workspaces

Working from home provides a level of flexibility that isn’t offered in traditional office environments. For example, residential spaces provide the ability to move from a formal desk to a more relaxed environment, to spreading out across the entire kitchen table. The home allows more comfortable and personalised options – such as setting the temperature to your own level.

The pandemic resulted in many re-evaluating their priorities and flexible working can often provide employees with the ability to better juggle their work life alongside their personal life. Flexible working has had a great impact on the way people use their space and will do the same in modern offices. Creating a flexible work environment provides an element of sustainability by supporting the longevity of its users’ changing needs as it is easily adaptable. This makes it not only a key element of residential space, but an ideal factor to blend the different working environments.

A safe and secure environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the importance of health and safety within shared environments. As well as safety around the pandemic and other illnesses, both mental and physical health can also be benefited by residential or personal space. For example, the addition of ergonomic furniture, one’s ability to choose environmental settings such as lighting levels and air quality through purifiers and biophilic design. These are all elements that are easier to control in a residential space- however they are important to consider within an office space as they provide numerous benefits.

When working from home you can set up your space to best benefit your personal health needs something not always achievable in a shared office environment. Working from home increases the employees feeling of safety and security. Transferring this feeling into the work environment is vital for creating a modern office. Read more about how you can promote the wellbeing of your employees within your office space.

Analysing the key elements of a residential environment enables you to create a working from home environment in the office. With working from home becoming increasingly important, this blended approach will allow businesses to create a modern office space that works for both employees and employers. Utilising comfier interiors, different work spaces, and blended environments will enable business to create a flexible working space, reflecting the working from home environment many have come to value.

Key elements of an office space

Space to collaborate and connect with colleagues

Collaborating and connecting with colleagues is an important part of any workplace and cannot be achieved to the same degree when working from home. Virtual solutions are an alternative within residential environments, however this doesn’t fulfil most employees wants from their workplace interactions. The ability to collaborate with colleagues in person is increasingly important to employees and is encouraging office working in those accustomed to working from home.

Businesses need to consider how to create spaces within the office that fufill different collaboration experiences. Understanding exactly what your employees need is the key to ensuring you are creating the ideal modern space for your employees with the right blend of residential and office spaces.

Strong sense of brand awareness and belonging

There are several things businesses can do to create a strong sense of belonging in their office space. Providing brand awareness through your office fit out is an easy way that businesses can create a sense of belonging for employees. Colour psychology, for example, is a simple way to achieve brand awareness within an office space. Carefully curating a colour pallet that both reflects your brand identity and supports your employee’s mental health and encourages motivation.

An office space has the ability to create a space that reflects the brand and encourages a sense of belonging for its employees. A sustainable business, for example, can create a sustainable business culture that isn’t possible on a smaller residential level. This depth of brand awareness within a workspace supports employees with their professional development, as well as on a personal level.

Working from home can provide employees with benefits that aren’t always offered within a traditional office. Modern workspaces should incorporate elements of both traditional office spaces and residential environments to create a space that caters to their employees’ modern needs, both personal, health and business related.

Resolution Interiors understand the importance of creating an office space that works for you and your employees. We are experts in creating modern office spaces that work for you, your team, and your visitors. If you would like to upgrade your office, look at our office fit out checklist or contact us today to find out how we can support you and your employees get the most out of your office space.

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