The benefits of biophilic design

What is Biophilic design?

Biophilic design connects us with nature by incorporating natural elements such as plants, water and sunlight in indoor spaces.

Why is biophilic design important in workplaces?

With workers increasingly spending more time indoors, biophilic design has become a popular way to trigger the same mental and physical responses in people that they would experience outdoors.

According to the 2015 Human Spaces Reports, a third of workers would decide whether or not to work somewhere based on the office design – highlighting how important office design is not just for your current employees but for attracting future talent.

One of the main reasons many employers are looking at incorporating biophilic design in their workplace is to improve their employee wellbeing and reduce stress.

What are the benefits of biophilic design?

An office space that incorporates biophilic design not only looks fantastic, it also has a number of physical benefits:

From a business perspective, biophilic office design can also

How to incorporate biophilic design in your office space

1. Plants 

Strategically placing plants around your office is one of the beneficial things you can do for your space. Plants absorb and deflect noise, helping to quieten down a typically noisy space such as an open-plan office – some studies have shown an increase in productivity of up to 15% when plants are present.

Plants can also improve the air quality in your office by up to 75% by removing harmful compounds typically found in carpets and paint as well as releasing water vapour into the air that helps employees fight viruses and allergens.

2. Natural Light

Having the appropriate lighting in the workplace can reduce headaches, fatigue and eye strain that can eventually lead to long term sight issues.

Ensuring there is plenty of natural light in your office not only achieves the above but also contributes to better sleep which will make your employees more productive, more creative and put them in a generally better mood.

3. Water 

Water features with moving water produce a soothing white noise that can help to reduce stress and improve focus on tasks. Some employees also find the visual stimulation of the running water to be calming. 

Similarly to plants, water features also release water vapours which reduce the dryness of inner-office air that leads to increase viruses, allergens and respiratory irritation.  You can also consider including biophilic elements into the build, decoration and fit-out of your office e.g. using green walls or building materials and office furniture made from natural resources. If you’re interested in learning more about how biophilic design could benefit your workplace, get in touch with the team here at Resolution Interiors.

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