How to provide a VIP service in retail

Before we go into detail on what changes you can make to offer your customers a VIP service, it is important that you first understand what makes a customer a ‘VIP’.

You don’t have to have a million Instagram followers or be famous to be a VIP. VIP’s earn their title from their personal relationship with your brand and the amount of time and money they invest in your business.

Anyone has the power to become a VIP. Your job is to make them want to become one.

So how can you do it?

The first step is creating a strategy that makes loyal customers feel valued. From beautifully wrapping gifts before posting them, to alerting them to upcoming online sales; you can offer customers these subtle added perks – so they know that you appreciate them – all without your regular customers feeling ignored.

How can you create a VIP service in retail for all of your customers?

FACT: 47% of millennials expect retailers to know exactly who they are when they walk through the door by using location-based technology.





How can you create a VIP service in retail for loyal customers?

Now it would be easy to provide all of the above options to just your loyal customers; however, this can be dangerous as it may make your other customers feel excluded/undervalued – causing damage to their affinity with your brand, and to the growth of your business.

For this reason, we suggest that you adopt additional strategies, as these will not only add value to their experience, but will ensure that they feel special in their own right:

For instance, if they’ve never had an issue paying full price in the past, then money probably isn’t a deciding factor when they shop. This means, should you offer them a discount, what you are actually doing is cutting into your profit margins and losing money on a sale that they would happily pay full price for. You could also be de-valuing the product or service in the eyes of your customer.

So what should you do instead?

Remember – the purpose of offering a VIP service is to add value to your best customers. As such, instead of giving them the occasional discount, you should offer them things that will make them feel special e.g. you could utilise email marketing to offer them free shipping, or you could send them a free gift with their next purchase.






See what we mean? Go the extra mile and you can earn their loyalty. To learn more about how you can design your stores to strengthen your VIP service, contact us at Resolution Interiors today.

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