Bombay Sapphire

Laverstoke Mill, Hampshire

Behind the doors of the historic distillery located in rural Hampshire, you can unveil the care, skill and artistry behind every drop of the Bombay Sapphire distillery.

Contagious handled the design of the project before teaming up with RES in the final stages to finalise the design. We worked closely with both contagious and Bombay Sapphire to ensure the right materials would be used to complement the heritage of the distillery.

We removed all existing display fixtures and desk in the store and stock rooms to make space for the installation of new display fixtures and fittings as well as a new LED lighting display complete with new LED lighting scheme. The old flooring was removed and new engineered oak flooring was laid as well as installation of MF soffit and bulkhead above the cash desk and area for the etching machine.

The shelving units were an interpretation of the brand with the practical provision of a multi-functional and versatile space for retail practicalities.

The experience of the gift shop reflects the seamless journey around the Distillery and perfectly mirrors the colours and style of Bombay Sapphire.