Karcher Retail Fit Out


Client: Kärcher, Nottingham

Duration: 3 weeks construction

The Brief

Kärcher customers love to see their products in action because getting results is a key purchase driver. Kärcher asked us to convert a brand-new industrial centre into a KOKO – a Kärcher Owned, Kärcher Operated Centre – using a proven design concept from their head office in Germany that would expand their brand offering in the UK.


The Project

After visiting existing showrooms, and interviewing staff about their needs, we modified and reconfigured two industrial units to implement the Kärcher concept. We created new showrooms, offices, welfare facilities and a kitchenette and toilets for staff, as well as the workshop that will provide the unique testing playground that staff use to demonstrate precisely how well Kärcher equipment works.

The Nottingham store also involved re-imagining one of the existing industrial entrances with a recessed glass shopfront.

Key team members

These are hardworking areas that required us to lead with durability and a thorough understanding of the needs of the team.

Project Coordinator Resolution Interiors

Jen Williams

Project Coordinator

Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Karen Olivier

Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Resolution Interiors - Warehouse Operative

Dave Irwin

Warehouse Operative

Division Director Retail Resolution Interiors

Jason Ledingham

Division Director - Retail

Technical Designer

Chris Glenister

Technical Designer