The secret to the best CAT B fit outs

A CAT B fit out is the best way to achieve a space that your team can instantly start using from the moment they move in. This means that everything from the lighting to the computer screens needs to perfect for employee productivity, comfort and wellbeing as well as being sustainable for your business, long term.

So how do you get the best CAT B fit out for your business?

Have efficient processes

One of the biggest benefits of a CAT B fit out compared to a CAT A is that with one company managing everything, there should be very little project management you have to do yourself and the whole process should be streamlined and efficient. However, not all fit out providers are created equal.

To get the best CAT B fit out, you’ll want to make sure that your fit out provider has effective streamlined processes and a quality control system, knows how to minimise disruptions to all end users and neighbouring parties, and ensure the highest standards of health & safety practice to keep everyone safe – otherwise you could end up with a lot of stress on your end.

At Resolution Interiors, we’re ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CHAS, Safe Contractor and EcoVadis accredited which all help us to have efficient procedures in place, work well with other contractors and maintain good health and safety standards across our projects.

Fit out your office for the long term

You want your office to work not only for right now, but for the future of your company. The best CAT B fit out will ensure that sustainable systems & materials, durability, and functionality are all considered during the design and planning phase.

Our project team are experienced in delivering sustainable environments and can provide assistance with schemes such as BREEAM and SKA for your fit out project.

Learn what your team needs

At the end of the day, your office needs to work for the people who use it every day – but not everyone needs the same thing from the space.

At Resolution Interiors, we host workshops and meetings to understand the key business objectives as well as the needs of different departments so that we can create a workplace that works for everyone using it.

Help your team to use the space

The CAT B office fit out process means getting the ‘place ready for people’, but what about getting the ‘people ready for the place’?

An office move or redesign is a big change for employees and can lead to disruptions if not managed properly.

Alongside any training and move management, we ensure that teams are kept well informed and are very much part of the development journey so that they know how everything works and can maximise the benefits of the new space from day one.

Have a clear brand identity

One of the perks of a CAT B fit out is that the space will be designed to reflect your brand – but your brand is more than just a logo on the wall.

Our sister agency, Field, are a collective of multi-disciplinary designers that create extraordinary environments to connect the dots between your brand and your space. We work with them to reflect your brand identity, but more importantly your company values and culture, in your workspace to help your employees feel motivated to show up and feel proud of their company.CAT B fit outs have significant benefits but need to be managed properly if you want to maximise those benefits. If you’re thinking about moving or redesigning your office, get in touch with our team to see how we can help.

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