How can you use lighting to create a greener workspace?

Creating a sustainable office space is becoming increasingly important for businesses and their employees. Sustainable design considers the environmental, social, and economic impact of the space and materials/resources usage within a cohesive design scheme. Many see this form of design as complicated and have concerns around the time and cost of creating greener workspaces. This doesn’t have to be the case.

At Resolution Interiors, we recognise the power that individual elements can have on creating a more sustainable workplace environment. Lighting is one such element that can have a big impact on the sustainability of a space. Lighting is an essential element to any workspace. Both natural and synthetic lighting have a big impact on all three pillars of sustainability, within an office space.

Social Pillar

The social pillar of sustainability is often forgotten about, however it is equally as important, especially within a workplace environment. Natural light plays a key role in creating a happy and healthy office for employees, while also having a positive sustainable impact. By utilising natural light, you are reducing the amount of synthetic light sources needed within your office, as well as their environmental impact.

Exposure to natural light can positively benefit employees mental and physical health by improving sleep and reducing headaches. This use of biophilic design within the office can help trigger the same mental and physical responses in employees as being outdoors. This creates an environment of wellbeing and reduced stress for employees, positively benefitting their productivity and mood at work.

Environmental Pillar

The use of energy efficient lighting has a considerably greater sustainable benefit than one may think. Simple changes to your lighting, such as switching to LED bulbs, or utilising an automated lighting system will help to reduce your office’s energy consumption. The use of renewable energy sources can also reduce the energy wastage and carbon footprint of your office. Renewable energy sources can cost more than other sustainable lighting options, however they can offer longer lasting environmental benefits or save money in the longer term. Solar panels on a large warehouse roof, for example carry a hefty cost initially but in the long run can significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Along with energy efficient lighting, teaching your employees simple energy saving practices is a key step in using lighting to create a greener workspace. Simple practices such as turning lights off when they aren’t needed will significantly reduce your energy output regarding lighting.

Economic Pillar

Educating your employees on good sustainable practices not only benefits your businesses environmental aims but also has a financial benefit. Simple changes, such as turning off lights when they aren’t in use, will not only reduce the environmental impact of your lighting but will also reduce your office energy bills and extend the lifespan of your lighting- again reducing costs.

Technological solutions such as built-sensors and automated lighting will remove the human element from creating an energy efficient office. This complete elimination of human error will significantly reduce the office energy consumption and subsequently the energy costs.

At Resolution Interiors we can help you turn your current workspace into a sustainable environment that works for you and your team. We understand the impact that small and simple changes can make in helping you achieve your business goals. Do you want to create a more sustainable office space that works for you? Our team can guide you through the design and installation process seamlessly and ensure that you create a space that will support your sustainable goals.

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